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Here you will find inspiration for fashion, food, family, beauty and more, based on my personal experiences and lifestyle.

You also will have the chance to shop all my items! I want to you to feel free to participate with your opinion and feedback.


Founder + Creative Director

Publisher of original lifestyle content, Laura Lewko is a Brazilian born, wife of a Canadian Business man Tim Lewko and  modern mom of 3 kids ( Sarah, Giorgio & Thomas), who pours her heart and soul into empowering family and multicultural values.

Laura’s Passion for fashion,food, beauty, travel and family is fully expressed at Her bold energy and signature blend of style is the result of her multicultural background and passion for travel.

She believe it’s best to laugh and live through life’s moments and experiences she shares.

A Bit More

Nickname:   LA (like the city) or some call me Lala’
Degree: Physiotherapy
Home is… Vancouver, Canada + Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sport: former gymnast, practicing yoga, Hiit and open to try any sport
Languages: Fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and a bit of Italian
Cook or Eat? Both!

L ive

E xperience the world

W ith

K ind Eyes +

O pen Mind



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