Founder+ Creative Director

Hi! I’m Laura Lewko, Born Brazilian,

Mom of 3 kids (Sarah, Giorgio and Thomas), physiotherapist, former gymnast. I immigrated to Canada in 2012 after marrying a Canadian business strategist and author Tim Lewko.  

From a very young age I have had an absolute passion for fashion, beauty, food, travel and sports. 

Today, I share my worldwide experience on my  namesake blog and collaborate with brands that match my concept and values. Meanwhile, as an entrepreneur I’m in the process of launching a beauty company called RoarGlam as activist I’m authoring two new books “Quotes with Context” which will help charities ,and “The Roar of My Awakening”  to support women and prevent sexual abuse. 

I truly believe it’s always best to laugh and live life to it’s fullest no matter what comes your way. 

Hope you enjoy my journey, tips and experiences I share here and of course,  I would love your feedback!


…a bit more about me (Q&A) 

  1. What do you do to relax:  bubble bath,  spa day, watch movies, yoga class, dance class.
  2. Who do you wish to learn from?  Everyone that crosses my way in life.  I believe each person has something to teach.
  3. A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is... I vomited and peed at the same time on my seat during a turbulent landing flight to Glasgow when I was expecting my middle child Gio.
  4. I am the way I am because… I’m resilient and believe what you give is what you get.
  5. My hidden talents are…  I’m good at applying injections and assembling furnitures
  6. My guilty pleasure is… Creme brullê & Champagne
  7. I volunteered at… public hospitals and clinics in Favelas in Brazil
  8. What makes you fall in love? Kindness and perseverance
  9. What does someone have to do to make you smile?  Smile 😉