Laura Lewko

when we travel is hard to keep a fresh look on our destination. Well, maybe is hard but not impossible that's why I  created a list with makeup essentials  to travel and tips to make you look good upon arrival as well and the whole trip. 1- Always bring SPF with you 4- The Eyes
I love going to a spa for a facial once a month. However, with a busy schedule sometimes I need to amp my skin care by adding a weekly routine treatment at home. If you're wondering why having facials is so important I'll tell you - just massaging your face improves and restores circulation, increases
Hello there! If you love to look feminine with a high dose of romance during Spring Summer, this look is a classic specially if you're planing an afternoon at a park  or a gateway to the beach. I picked my romantic little dress from Design Ulla Johnson      Clean and chic look with fluttering sleeves and flocked flowers.
Whether you are poolside or relaxing on a beach, a sun hat is the perfect way to finish off any summer look.  I made my summer hat bucket list-take a look  to buy right now... Simple yet highly effective the Visor hat is a very versatile style indeed! Perfect for taking a walk or with
In today's post I'm bringing the metallic trend.  The glamour is back however the twist comes with the idea that you can use it at day time and play creating many looks . Ok,  if you feel that metallic, sparkling, glittering and lames clothes  is a bit too much for you, No problem,  you still
Hi guys! Since I moved to Vancouver - BC , I found out people here love outdoor sports but also as part of the cultural integration they love  YOGA, and trust me it's a fever here... and a great one, because yoga is great exercise for many things including relief of back pain.  So let's get
If I could be a princess I would be Snowwhite not just because she's a brunette but because she was independent and a leader -  overseeing 7 people. Super modern don't you think? LOL!!!! My look was inspired  on a modern princess   who can look elegant but still have fun and is ready for a
I really love to play with different sunglass frame shapes.  However,  we know some sunglass frames tend to work better than others depending on your features and face structure . I put together this basic guide to help you buy your sunnies with no regrets! Find which Glasses Best suit your face shape! Oval face Oval is
I was a gymnast growing up in Brazil and always needed to wear that tiny bodysuit and could not use anything to cover my legs.  Watching Madonna, Beyoncé and other divas' performances, something caught my attention and made me wonder how they dance across the stage for hours and you don’t see their thighs jiggling?
Solar radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, temperature changes and makeup cause the skin to become aged, dehydrated and dull. Fortunately, it's very simple and somewhat delicious to keep your skin away from all this. You just have to commit! EVERY NIGHT. Good skin cleansing, combined with the right cosmetics can ensure you balance oiliness and offer your
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