Laura Lewko

Solar radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, temperature changes and makeup cause the skin to become aged, dehydrated and dull. Fortunately, it's very simple and somewhat delicious to keep your skin away from all this. You just have to commit! EVERY NIGHT. Good skin cleansing, combined with the right cosmetics can ensure you balance oiliness and offer your
NYC is the city of surprises. On ever corner you go. I think it's amazing how the vibe of the city can change in just a few steps and from block to block. An example of this was my short walk from my hotel at 42nd and Broadway  - the heart of 'super busy' Times
Hello there... here I am talking again about! I think Wherever there is a commemoration... a bottle of Champagne is welcome! 1 - Champagne is made from... Sounds Obvious but NOT many people knows that Champagne is made by the exclusive combination of only theses three grapes : Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and  Pinot Meunièr
Since I started to drink champagne, I was interested to learn more about the brands and houses. Finally, I had the pleasure to have private tours around Reims, France. My first house was Maison Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin ( VCP) . Why? It was the first champagne brand and vintage I ever drank! It all started

L’Arpege Restautant (1986) by Chef Alain Passard was nominated number 12 on  The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants and it has consistently achieved 3 Michelin stars for over 20 years! Currently, Alain is in the process of becoming a global superstar figure of the “farm to table” concept’.  Location  Address: 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France Having been welcomed into the tiny but bright dining room, I really liked the cute detail of having veggies on the table along with accompanying information.  However I was surprised with the simplicity and silence of the upstairs dining room compared to the ” The Cellar Room” downstairs that was much different and lively. The service was very uber-professional until they made the mistake and took the second bottle of wine we ordered from our table and gave it for the table behind us , saying ” it was the last one and they ordered it…

Since I was little I saw my mom and grandma cooking a kind of veggie soup and saying it was not for kids, because it makes you lose weight and I was too skinny growing up.   Well, once I grew-up I was interested to find out the science behind that soup. Surprisedly I saw
If you have large family like me I'm sure you may have had trouble to get accommodation at hotels. After many times experiencing problems booking hotel rooms for my husband and 3 kids i.e. no rooms available because of the number of people allowed per room, requiring you to pay for two rooms hearing that
Hey boys, lets talk about style for an awards event, specifically the Golden Owl Awards happening on November 20th. If you are attending  or  nominated it's  time to get your outfit ready. Basic Rules These days award ceremonies are flexible with dress codes dependent on each industry. We know most guys don’t really love to dress
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