Laura Lewko


Tegui Restautant by Chef Germán Martitegui’s was nominated the best Restautant in Argentina and in 2017 got into number 49th on the Global ranking of the ” 50 World’s Best Restaurant” and 10th best Latin America Restautants. Location Tegui, Costa Rica 5852, Buenos Aires, Argentina +54 11 5291 3333 From the first moment when the taxi left me at the street I thought it was a mistake. The street was a bit dark and all I could see was graffiti on the wall and a big heavy black door. I got closer and saw the name Tegui, I knocked and a guy opened. The sensation was like stepping inside a magic door. The restaurant was beautiful, modern and sophisticated. I loved the high ceiling and trees from the outdoor garden all shaping the design of the long room for dining with the kitchen at the back featuring a silver…

France is a very special country for my husband and I because it was our first European  trip before he and I decided to get engaged and marry. After many years I was very excited to be in Paris again but this time was us plus 3 kids. We planned to be there a short period
When we all hear about Polo the first thing that comes to mind is the famous fashion brand with a guy on a horse caring a stick. I saw a few matches on tv but the sport seems so difficult yet beautiful. I was a bit scared but the horse was so calm and the
the season of open shoes, sandals and barefoot  is here and Your feet will be back on the spotlight so, make sure they are hydrated and ankles are not cracked. So, it's better to start taking care of the feet right now because any kind treatment needs time to see results, right?  Do a pedicure
I love to travel so much that for the last couple years when I had no chance to go to far,  I just did staycations and I totally recommend them because it is very interesting to find new things to do in your own city and fall in love with your home again. Another reason
Gifted children possess superior intelligence, great creativity and imagination, and an insatiable curiosity that leads them to develop an autonomous learning. They are special children, with different needs and requirements from other children of their own age.\The gifted child despite being intelligent is not always emotionally mature. For this reason, the gifted child must have
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