We want to make sure that your lips are smooth and soft for the most kissable day of the year!

Here are the 3 steps to keep it beautiful.

Step 1: Exfoliate

How: Apply your chosen scrub onto your lips or the toothbrush, with circular motion to firmly,  A good scrub will contain moisturizer as well( I love the combination of sugar cane, honey and coconut oil). Leave on for a minute or so. Use a damp wash cloth to wash off.

Attention: Lips are very sensitive so do you want to do this twice a week max.

Step 2: Hydrateimg_1621

Keep lips moisturized throughout the day with a hydrating lip balm or just use coconut oil.


Step 3: Colour that Cares


Lipsticks are a nice daily beauty touch, give preference for the moisturized ones with oil or wax base.


Step 4: Find That Perfect Someone and ….Kiss Away!!