Victor Bongo is a African-Canadian Chef, who has gained a respectable reputation challenging culinary standards by incorporating a variety of ethnic flavours into his exquisite dishes. Chef Bongo is the executive chef of Ambrosia Restaurant located in the heart of Naramata- BC which is perfect for Bongo to create his dishes including the sourcing of local ingredients from the farms, waters and artisanal suppliers of British Columbia.

Bongo  is a member of the CCFCC and former Director of the World Association of Chef Societies. Chef Bongo was given the “Chef of the Year Award”, in the Yukon Territories for four consecutive years (2008-2011) . he also awarded a Gold Medal as the youngest Accomplished Chef in 2008 by the Canadian Culinary Federation of Chefs Cooks (CCFCC). Owner of an amazing charisma Victor Bong contributes with communities both locally and in his birthplace of the Congo-Africa, regularly supporting events such as The Canadian Obesity Summit, Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies and the BC and many others.

 Bongo is also Author of the Book  Born to Cook – A Passion for Flavours





Laura Lewko TLSG 5 questions Interview

1- Why did you become a chef ? 

I became a Chef because I wanted to be able to create food that would wow people.  Even when they’re having a bad day or sad they would try my food and immediately go Bongo’s.

2- what defines your style ? 

I create Global Fusion cuisine with an African influence and french technique.  I not only bring together different cultural flavours onto one plate but utilize classic cultural processes not normally used in a kitchen.

3- what is your flavour profile?

A utilize a myriad of flavours, textures from around the globe.  I draw from numerous cultures especially my own African roots to deliver dishes with flavour and textures that are subtle and balanced yet explosive on the palate.

4- how can we cook like you? 

Have a lot of love and passion with food and experiment.

5- what’s your signature recipe ?

African Peanut Soup, a recipe passed down from my grand mother to mother to me.


Peanut soup by chef Bongo



Chef Victor Bongo with Laura Lewko at Four Seasons Vancouver for Oceanwise Event
Chef Bongo with Laura Lewko and Sons at Ambrosia Restaurant – Naramata – BC