L’Arpege Restautant (1986) by Chef Alain Passard was nominated number 12 on  The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants and it has consistently achieved 3 Michelin stars for over 20 years! Currently, Alain is in the process of becoming a global superstar figure of the “farm to table” concept’. 


 Address: 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

Having been welcomed into the tiny but bright dining room, I really liked the cute detail of having veggies on the table along with accompanying information.  However I was surprised with the simplicity and silence of the upstairs dining room compared to the ” The Cellar Room” downstairs that was much different and lively.

The service was very uber-professional until they made the mistake and took the second bottle of wine we ordered from our table and gave it for the table behind us , saying ” it was the last one and they ordered it as well”. For a high end place this was not impressive to set the scene. Anyways, let’s talk about the food.

Dinning Room L’Arpège
The Cellar Room (downstairs) at L’arpège

The Food

I’m far from being a vegetarian, however, even knowing the high price point to have a largely vegetable based meal was very intriguing.

They offer  a la’carte and  2 tasting menus. The first,  only vegetable based and the second was a 12 course  called ” Terre et Mer en Août”  that as the name says – includes meat dishes . No option of pairing wines with the tasting menu is available. 

12 courses  €390

Signature amuse bouche– a lightly, poached egg yolk with a chilled, frothed cream and topped with maple syrup
Beet tartare: the texture along with the bite of the finely minced onions provided a nice foil to the richness of this dish. You don’t miss the meat at all of a classic tartar.
Ravioli with red cabbage, swiss chard, and yellow carrot in vegetable and verbena Consomé. My memory escapes me on the filling for each individual ravioli, the consommé was overly fragrant.
Chou a la creme with hay ice cream, hay syrup and candied almonds. Being a caramel lover, this dish was heaven the texture was just perfect and not too sweet .




Turbot fish

The wines I picked for pairing

Champagne Blanc Prestige  € 34  by the glass

Sancerre ” Chêne Marchand” 2015 Pinard  €120 bottle

Verre Bourgogne Chardonnay 2014 A. Boisson  € 24 a glass

Special Touch

Alain grows his own vegetables on the gardens located in the Eure and the Sarthe regions. He says it’s great to be able to tell a story from the grain to the plate.

Like old school, I loved when Alain came out to talk with the clients and definitely, his charisma energizes the room.

I really appreciate his effort to make veggies the star of a meal and engage each of the diner’s five senses.

Chef Alain Passard at L’arpege with Laura Lewko


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