Whether you are poolside or relaxing on a beach, a sun hat is the perfect way to finish off any summer look. 

I made my summer hat bucket list-take a look  to buy right now…

Simple yet highly effective the Visor hat is a very versatile style indeed! Perfect for taking a walk or with you on a vacation, they pack easy and our stylish selection will have you moving in style.

The Gambler style features a medium to wide brim of about 3 inches that typically has either a tight turned up lip around the edges or a slightly turned up western flair at only the sides. It tends to have a flatter profile when looking at it from the side and is made in just about every material.

Boys can’t miss this classic : Hermes Deerskin Mens Funk Hat Noir

Pia Rossini Carla Hat White Large

Grosgrain-trimmed straw hat is a charm piece to have – click on photo to get one now!

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