During Vancouver Fashion Week the leathers from one of the collections of a Brazilian designer named Valeria Costa got my attention. It  looked pretty but I couldn’t figure out what animal it was made from.

So, I had the pleasure to talk to Valeria and found out that it is not leather but fish skin from the sPirarucu.

This amazon fish is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the pirarucu is famous for its size being around 3 meters long.

The skins of Pirarucu can be dyed in the colours: beige, bamboo, blue jeans, brown and deep purple.

Looking at any piece made of exotic material, we note that it is unique because each fish has a different design on its skin.

So the items are unique and the diversity is incredible. It seems like this fashion is a upcoming trend. In Europe, parts using this type of raw material are already sold for up to $2 thousand euros.