Hey boys, lets talk about style for an awards event, specifically the Golden Owl Awards happening on November 20th. If you are attending  or  nominated it’s  time to get your outfit ready.

Basic Rules

These days award ceremonies are flexible with dress codes dependent on each industry.

We know most guys don’t really love to dress up ( well, I have brothers, two sons and husband, I get it), but when comes to a award ceremony you need to push the buttons to higher level…the right button off course!

 So, to help you I put together some outfit options that can fit the dress code from classic to super basic looks  that shows your style and still is appropriate for the occasion.

Black Tie

Tuxedo is a must if the dress code is Black Tie.

For simplicity if you don’t have one, I suggest to rent. Specialized companies will have the full set ready and sometimes include shoes.

Classic with Suite and Tie

I think for 99% of social events men can’t go wrong  with a suit and tie, if you don’t have one it’ time to get one.  Ensure it’s your size and don’t wait  for the last minute because adjustments and tailoring takes time. A suit that is big or short makes you look sloppy even if it’s an expensive brand.

Stylish Expection

Ok, you had no time to get your suit and tie, out of budget or whatever  – if the event is not a Black Tie the last alternative would be dark or black  jeans  ( yeah dark )  and a blazer with a dress shirt.



Stick with black shoes if you are in doubt about this item and please remember it’s a Ceremony tennis shoe are not allowed in any point.


Can I Wear a Colourful Outfit?

Well, again buddy if you not into fashion stick with the basics  because the idea is to have fun and feel good with yourself and always follow the dress code.

If you think it’s time to upgrade your style some stores offers personal stylist once you explain the occasion, they will have the tools to explore it according to  your personality and needs. You will  be surprised how they can find the ways to make you look good and confident with the right pieces, cut, and colour.


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