When I was little my mom used to cut my fringes because it was easy to keep my hair away from my face – more practical than trend.  However, let’s talk about adults using fringes because we know little girls always look cute with this look, right?

Let’s start with the myths of face shape and age!

There are no restrictions about who can use fringes, however,  two things must be considered:

  1. A  proper haircut with fringes must flatter your face
  2. Time to take care of it

My Secret!

Well, I had fringe hair about five years ago – and to be honest  – because I have a cowlick on my hair by my forehead it was a nightmare to make it look sit right!

So this time I decided to use a fake fringe which is made from natural hair and the final cut was made with it on my head to ensure the right lenght and blend.

I am loving playing  with my look without really cuting my hair.

You must give a fringe a try!!!

…OK, too late for fake bangs?

No problem! Here are some products To keep it perfect and easy to maintain the look!

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