the season of open shoes, sandals and barefoot  is here and Your feet will be back on the spotlight so, make sure they are hydrated and ankles are not cracked. So, it’s better to start taking care of the feet right now because any kind treatment needs time to see results, right?
  1.  Do a pedicure minimum every 10 to 15 days
  2.  Hydrate your feet everyday before bed time
  3.  Pick the right shoes to prevent blisters and calluses
  4.  Exfoliate once a week to keep them smooth and remove dead skin
  5. Use cuticle oil on your toes to keep them looking fresh.

If you want to do a booster with a deep hydration of the feet using Moroccanoil scrub and oil,  Paraffin wrap and finalizing it with a relaxing foot massage with the Body Soufflé also from Moroccanoil.
Recommendation: Every 3 to 4 weeks

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