Many Parents get concerned when are planing  a trip with kids.

Many questions come up on our mind such as: What to bring in the plane, how to make my kids calm  – well, Is impossible to predict how a kid will behave in a new situation, but based on my experience travelling the world with my 3 children I can give you some proven tips to make your experience travelling with kids smoother than mine.

Every child depending of their age has different needs but in general never forget:


For Infants: Diapers, changing pad, wipes, diaper cream, plastic bags, blankets, tissues, pacifiers, teeth toys, extra change of clothes (two, just to be safe), bibs, bottles, breast milk or formula, baby food, infant feeding set, snacks, and a few of baby’s favourite toys, bring medicines in your carry-on, including infant pain and fever reducers, and gas relief medication. Try to feed your baby during take-off and landing to help him relieve pressure on his ears. A pacifier also helps.

For Toddlers: A change of clothes for an accident, pull-ups, wipes, plastic bags , diaper cream, snacks, drinks purchased after security, his favourite toy or game, download his favourite cartoon, movie, make sure electronics are charged, headset for kids, and anything else that keeps him calm. always have a first aid kit and medications nearby. A baby leash really helps at the airport especially when you have more than one child to care for. Try to train or introduce at home your toddler to use a seat belt, so you will lessen the problem with him being alone on the take off and landing.

13507022_10153924171673952_493323679232983882_nSchool-Aged Kids: Ask them to bring something that keeps them occupied on the plane. Pack a sweater in case the flight gets chilly. Bring some snacks and purchase some beverages after security to carry-on, as well as gum to help reduce ear pressure. A small first aid kit and prescribed medications in this carry-on are key.




For Teens: Teens sometimes can give us a harder time than a toddler, because they may forget their stuff. So make sure your teen is bringing the following things: ID, passport, wallet, cell phone, other electronics and some cash , a copy of the insurance, a parents contact information with address, hotel address and a letter with a third part information as grandparents or a friend inside his carry on. Teens should also carry their own prescribed medicines, check for other basics as glasses, sun glasses and parent contact information.

13528664_10153924171738952_7832006333735662213_nFor Yourself: Be sure you have a bag with your wallet, ID, passport, credit cards, small amount of cash, tickets, itineraries, insurance information and airline membership cards. Traveling with an infant or small child, you may want to bring a change of clothes, in the event of a spit up or accident.

Now that you have the basic, have a safe trip! Buon Voyage!


Important information about travel with kids from Canada you can find also on this link

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