In few months I am turning 40 years old …Ahhh,my 40s!!!    

It shouldn’t be that scary if these days people say 40’s are the new 30’s when many women are ultra-productive and some even having their first baby.  However, this age tends to give a lot of women anxiety and the world’s obsession with youth, beauty, and success doesn’t help especially when we talk about the fashion world with the 20’s something years old girls stamped in all magazine covers and social media.  A good way for you to deal societal obsession is to explore outside the normal bounds you know and look for new inspirational style icons that come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.


If you are a woman in your late 30’s or 40s, you need to know that you still can be sexy,fashionable and beautiful.  But to deliver on this you  must create good habits  that bolster your critical eye in finding what works for you.

First of all you need to find your body type, than don’t buy clothes that do not flatter you, even if it’s the trend this season. Take a good critical look at yourself before you go out. Keep current with the fashion trends and make sure you have a few classic items in your wardrobe such as a white skirt, black skirt and black dress.

Types of female figures.


Skirts:  wear it above or on top of the knees but petite women may want to go a bit shorter with their skirt lengths.

Accessories: Belts, jewelry and hats. They can make a real difference to your outfit, creating a completely new look , keep it in mind.

Shapewear: definitely helps but if you don’t like it, then learning how to skilfully hide with the right clothes could be a better alternative.

Jeans: Clean, dark jeans are the most work-appropriate.For a more casual look you can wear a slightly faded pair, but I would suggest upgrading the look by matching them with something very classic on top, such as a blazer and heels.

Shoes: Trendy shoes add youth to your outfits, but ensure you choose shoes that you are able to walk in. If you have short legs its better to stay away from gladiator sandals as it makes you look ever shorter.