I was a gymnast growing up in Brazil and always needed to wear that tiny bodysuit and could not use anything to cover my legs.

 Watching Madonna, Beyoncé and other divas’ performances, something caught my attention and made me wonder how they dance across the stage for hours and you don’t see their thighs jiggling?

Of course they work out, as it’s part of their job, but a special accessory makes all the difference and I’m sharing their secret with you today.

The secret is a very old women’s friend  – the fashion accessory called TIGHTS!

Oh Laura, really?  Yes!  But the twist is simply the combination of two pairs of tights,  yeah I said two!

To create a natural look they use a combination of a skin colour and a fish net tight. The most popular brands of tights used by Beyonce, JLo and the one I also love is  – Wolford Neon 40 Nude. I Personaly also use the Spanx tight that have the same amazing result.


  • Buy them in your size!  Do not buy smaller thinking they will hold you in better as they will cut off your circulation and create rolls where you don’t want them!


  • Do not use this trick if you are in a warm outside environment. You will get quite toasty and might highlight skin tones in the tights that are not exact matches.


  • you can also employ this trick in other colours of fishnet tights and it looks amazing.

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