Pizza, is one most popular dish in the world.

I grew up eating pizza in Sao Paulo – Brazil where there is a large Italian influence from thousands of immigrants. I am proud to be a 3rd generation Italian.  In Sao Paulo there are over 2million pieces eaten every day and as a country we rank number 4 in the world for consumption.

When I moved to Vancouver one of my first questions was – Where can I find a good pizza?

Well, I must to confess it was hard to get the answer, because the options, styles and venues were many!  Finally, I narrowed my list to places with very good pizza – each one with a different ambiance and intent to go which I describe below:

Kids Friendly

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company

They have kids area and couple days of the week kids get a chance to cook their own pizza. The place have other food on the menu and gluten free option as well.

Casual and Fun

 Pizzeria Ludica

The place is very casual and full of table games which is an extra attraction if you want more than just a pizza  – its the place to go.

Gourmet plus


They are not a pizza place and do serve a very limited pizza menu, however the pizzas are very good with refined flavours, the ambience is sophisticated and lively and full of business people that work in the area. They also have great drink and wine selection.

Make your own

 Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria

Located on the corner of Davie and Howe this place offers the chance to for you to be creative and pick your on pizza toppings – as the make the pizza right before you eyes and then fire it in the oven.

Large Group Party

Per Se Social Corner

Cool decor, larger venue ( for downtown) so lots of seating, viewable open brick oven where the magic is happening, Pizza is oval shape which is great for sharing.


 Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Most popular pizzeria in Vancouver. The place is  small and always busy. Reservations are highly recommended. Full of foodies and tourists, Nicli Antica has fast service, good wine list and gluten free option.  Casual venue, great for a friends get-together.


I’m sure Vancouver has more places for good pizza and I will keep going out and trying new pizza and updating my list, I promise will not be a problem, LOL !