Gifted children possess superior intelligence, great creativity and imagination, and an insatiable curiosity that leads them to develop an autonomous learning. They are special children, with different needs and requirements from other children of their own age.\The gifted child despite being intelligent is not always emotionally mature. For this reason, the gifted child must have special guidance and support from parents and teachers so that their intelligence does not turn against themselves.

Behavior of a gifted child

To know if your child is a gifted child, in a safe way, only with the guidance of a professional specialized in the subject. Only a specialist can diagnose and confirm whether your child is gifted or not.
But there are some very clever children’s characteristics that can help parents identify a gifted child. The personal characteristics of gifted children vary widely, but there are some common traits among them.


Characteristics of a gifted
1. Sleep little.
2. Learn to read in a short time.
3. Speak your first word with six months.
4. Say your first sentence with 12 months.
5. Holds a conversation between 18 and 24 months. Vocabulary not suitable for your age.
6. Learn the alphabet and count to 10 to two and a half years.
7. Mentally solve sum and subtraction problems by up to 10 with three years.
8. Ask for words you have not known since the age of three.
9. Ask exploratory questions at a young age.
10. High creative ability
11. It has a high sensitivity of the world around you.
12. Concern for matters of morality and justice.
13. Energetic and confident in your possibilities.
14. Very observant and open to unusual situations.
15. Very critical of himself and others.
16. Great attention and concentration.
17. Likes to relate to older children.
18. Low self-esteem, tendency to depression.
19. You get bored in the classroom because your abilities outweigh the conventional study programs.
20. They are apparently very distracted.
21. Your thinking is productive rather than reproductive. They are based on the construction of things.
22. You have very little motivation towards the teacher.
23. They even feel misunderstood, strangers.
24. They are independent and introverted

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