when we travel is hard to keep a fresh look on our destination. Well, maybe is hard but not impossible that's why I  created a list with makeup essentials  to travel and tips to make you look good upon arrival as well and the whole trip. 1- Always bring SPF with you 4- The Eyes
I love going to a spa for a facial once a month. However, with a busy schedule sometimes I need to amp my skin care by adding a weekly routine treatment at home. If you're wondering why having facials is so important I'll tell you - just massaging your face improves and restores circulation, increases
Solar radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke, temperature changes and makeup cause the skin to become aged, dehydrated and dull. Fortunately, it's very simple and somewhat delicious to keep your skin away from all this. You just have to commit! EVERY NIGHT. Good skin cleansing, combined with the right cosmetics can ensure you balance oiliness and offer your
the season of open shoes, sandals and barefoot  is here and Your feet will be back on the spotlight so, make sure they are hydrated and ankles are not cracked. So, it's better to start taking care of the feet right now because any kind treatment needs time to see results, right?  Do a pedicure
Hi there , today I'm Sharing my beauty tips for a beautiful  lips and if you agree with me its one of the most important part of our body, not just for Aesthetic but also for health!  So, let's go and Follow me on these 3 easy steps! Step 1: Exfoliate How: Apply your chosen scrub
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