The Clove Club is a London one Michelin starred Restaurant  of the young chef-owner Isaac McHale which was nominee the 26th best restaurant in the world in 2017 by the 50 best of the world. The Location The building used to be the City Hall of Shoreditch in East London. Built in 1865, the Town Hall was for over 100 years one of the grandest vestry halls in the city. Having ceased to be a home for local government during the 1960s it is now a popular arts and events space, run by Shoreditch Town Hall Trust.  The Restaurant has a bar and a relative small  Dinning Room with open kitchen which is perfect for a more intimate experience. Even with the old environment they created a very lively vibe that the new generation appreciates. Special Touch I really enjoyed the service which was very professional. The team are all…

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