Sacha Cooper is the designer behind Cooper Hotcooture a prêt-à-porter brand located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. His Design stands for fine & exclusive fashion, sparkling & self-confident hotladies. Subtile sexiness, cool prints, clean cuts and mixing soft with hard are part of his concept.  Interview Why did you become a designer Sacha- It has always been my passion since I was a little boy and I just want to embrace women’s beauty by dressing them with my garments. what defines your style? Sacha: fine fashion, subtle sexiness and sleek but affordable couture all handmade in Luxembourg.  What fashion means to you? Sasha: fashion for me is a way to show your emotions, to be and show who you really are without having to speak when someone sees you. What inspires you? Sacha: Mostly my life! Personal experiences, a party, music, a certain pair of shoes, art & photography.…

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