Since I was little I saw my mom and grandma cooking a kind of veggie soup and saying it was not for kids, because it makes you lose weight and I was too skinny growing up.   Well, once I grew-up I was interested to find out the science behind that soup. Surprisedly I saw

For centuries sparkling wines  ae a  part of gllamourous commemorations and appreciated as a symbol of status.  Perhaps, I ask you. Do you know the difference between the many bubbles served in your glass? sI made trips to Napa Valley, Asolo in Northern Italia and France, where I learned a bit about sparkling wines, So I can share with you some curiosities about one of my favourite drinks.. Quick History Facts: Many believe a gloucester doctor called Christopher Merret recorded a recipe for a Champagne-style drink some 20 years before the French Benedictine monk and cellar master, Dom Pierre Perignon, who is officially recognised as the drink’s father. Dom may not have invented this delicious drink, but he is still to credit for advances in champagne production. One of his most important contributions to the wine world was inventing the wire collar (called a muselet) which was strong enough to withstand the…

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