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It’s not new I have a crush for champagne and sparkling wine, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a list of the top 5 places to have a nice experience and savour good bubbles in Vancouver.  I visited a range of 15 venues in Vancouver including restaurants, bars, and lounges to complete my research!   Finally after a second visit to each place ( to make it fair) I completed my TOP 5 list below to provide you with a great set of options should you be wanting to indulge in bubbles. My criteria to evaluate venues included: Breadth of Bubbles: did they include vintages, no vintages and what types of bubbles did they offer? Server Knowledge of the Product: did the server or sommelier understand preferences and help select the best option(s) Temperatures:s  did they serve it at the recommended temperature (7-10 Celsius) and bring out chilled glasses? Did…

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