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when we travel is hard to keep a fresh look on our destination. Well, maybe is hard but not impossible that's why I  created a list with makeup essentials  to travel and tips to make you look good upon arrival as well and the whole trip. 1- Always bring SPF with you 4- The Eyes
If you have large family like me I'm sure you may have had trouble to get accommodation at hotels. After many times experiencing problems booking hotel rooms for my husband and 3 kids i.e. no rooms available because of the number of people allowed per room, requiring you to pay for two rooms hearing that
France is a very special country for my husband and I because it was our first European  trip before he and I decided to get engaged and marry. After many years I was very excited to be in Paris again but this time was us plus 3 kids. We planned to be there a short period

The Strategy: Minimize time maximize Fun I flew Vancouver- BC Canada to JFK -NYC direct flight over night because it’s super early and the Immigration is super fast, but unfortunately the traffic catches you on the way to Manhattan, because of it I got Über Black with all the good services etc. The Hotel I stayed at Trump Soho, a elegant feel hotel just one block from lots of shopping and restaurants in the area of Soho. My suite was very spacious and the view was amazing, from my bathtub I could see One World Tower and the Hudson River.  I tried the Spa service which was good, the only thing I missed was the pool because it was not open yet. Shopping Experience My first stop was at the famous  Century 21 by the world trade centre memorial – a huge liquidation store that carries fancy brands as D&G,…

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