If you have large family like me I'm sure you may have had trouble to get accommodation at hotels. After many times experiencing problems booking hotel rooms for my husband and 3 kids i.e. no rooms available because of the number of people allowed per room, requiring you to pay for two rooms hearing that
France is a very special country for my husband and I because it was our first European  trip before he and I decided to get engaged and marry. After many years I was very excited to be in Paris again but this time was us plus 3 kids. We planned to be there a short period
I love to travel so much that for the last couple years when I had no chance to go to far,  I just did staycations and I totally recommend them because it is very interesting to find new things to do in your own city and fall in love with your home again. Another reason
Today I am sharing my trip Experience to Los Cabos in Mexico. I picked that place because it’s have direct flight from Vancouver -BC and the prices seemed pretty reasonable. The people are very friendly, when you arrive at the airport many tourist guides will try to stop you to get tourist packages – avoid

Many Parents get concerned when are planing  a trip with kids. Many questions come up on our mind such as: What to bring in the plane, how to make my kids calm  – well, Is impossible to predict how a kid will behave in a new situation, but based on my experience travelling the world with my 3 children I can give you some proven tips to make your experience travelling with kids smoother than mine. Every child depending of their age has different needs but in general never forget: For Infants: Diapers, changing pad, wipes, diaper cream, plastic bags, blankets, tissues, pacifiers, teeth toys, extra change of clothes (two, just to be safe), bibs, bottles, breast milk or formula, baby food, infant feeding set, snacks, and a few of baby’s favourite toys, bring medicines in your carry-on, including infant pain and fever reducers, and gas relief medication. Try to feed your baby…

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