France is a very special country for my husband and I because it was our first European  trip before he and I decided to get engaged and marry. After many years I was very excited to be in Paris again but this time was us plus 3 kids. We planned to be there a short period
I love to travel so much that for the last couple years when I had no chance to go to far,  I just did staycations and I totally recommend them because it is very interesting to find new things to do in your own city and fall in love with your home again. Another reason
Today I am sharing my trip Experience to Los Cabos in Mexico. I picked that place because it’s have direct flight from Vancouver -BC and the prices seemed pretty reasonable. The people are very friendly, when you arrive at the airport many tourist guides will try to stop you to get tourist packages – avoid

Since I was little I loved to dance and carnival was a great time to do it. Its very fun to see many people having fun at clubs and on the streets. I grew up in Sao Paulo State watching and participating in many different ways to celebrate Carnival. Brazil is a big country (population:250+MM) with many diferent cultural influences. These differences lead to every region of the county shaping their own way to commemorate Carnival. Carnival  was introduced to Brazil in the early 1700s. The festival is essentially a chance for Catholics, or anyone looking to engage in a bit of revelry, to get in a few last bits of sin before Lent. In 1641, the first Brazilian carnival, celebrated the crowning of John IV as King, beginning a long and storied history of celebrations throughout the country. Carnaval depends on the ecclesiastical calendar: it usually happens in the middle of February,…

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