It’s not new I have a crush for champagne and sparkling wine, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a list of the top 5 places to have a nice experience and savour good bubbles in Vancouver.  I visited a range of 15 venues in Vancouver including restaurants, bars, and lounges to complete my research!   Finally after a second visit to each place ( to make it fair) I completed my TOP 5 list below to provide you with a great set of options should you be wanting to indulge in bubbles.

My criteria to evaluate venues included:

  • Breadth of Bubbles: did they include vintages, no vintages and what types of bubbles did they offer?
  • Server Knowledge of the Product: did the server or sommelier understand preferences and help select the best option(s)
  • Temperatures:s  did they serve it at the recommended temperature (7-10 Celsius) and bring out chilled glasses? Did they accommodate requests for a different temperature (ie. colder)
  • Selection Quality by Price Range: did they offer a range of selections at varying prices points.  Sometimes depending on your palate or what you’re eating the most expensive is not the best for you, quality doesn’t mean always expensive. One of the drawbacks I see many times are venues have a very low price point (e.g $80) then go to $300 or more and they really miss the opportunity to educate and sell those middle tier champagnes which help the champagne enthusisat migrate to higher price points as they get comfortable with what they’re drinking

With those critiera in mind here are the top 5

5- Tableau Bar Bistro at Londen Hotel- 1181 Melville Street Vancouver BC

A French bistro with a crossroads between a classic, European-styled bistro and contemporary bespoke style, the décor Boulevard offers guests a wide range of culinary experiences with great service. They have a lively atmosphere and a good selection of options for bubbles.

4- NOCH 8  at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – 900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6

This icon has transformed itself after its $$$ renovation.  The setting is a brash mix of subtle upscale and spy intrigue which makes it an ideal setting for a getaway of bubbles. It’s experienced staff ensures drinks are quickly served, refils timely and temperatures cold to enjoy your evening of sparking wines.

3-Proibhition At Rosewood Georgia Hotel- 801 W Georgia Street

A rich and sophisticated space. The venue showcases daily live entertainment.s  Champagne is a treat here to be savoured and seen as the crowd is balancing the next bottle of high end champagne with the range of sites throughout the room. As its name (Prohibition) suggests it is a new generation basement hideway to enjoy close conversations and bubbles.

2- Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar- 845 burrard street

This venue also having completed a major renovation is a hidden gem in downtown for service, seafood and bubbles.  It’s open feel and attentive service make it an ideal spot to enjoys sparkling wines.  It has an excellent list of price points and options, a sommelier on hand for advice and an excellent set of food options – from caviar to oysters- that really amplify your champagne tasting evening.


1- Trump Champagne Lounges-1161 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8

Modern,stylish, high-end, lively atmosphere with DJ performances –  it marries sophistication with expert service. Its diamond feature is its range and tiers of sparking wine.  Whether you are ordering a bottle of 70$ or one over $2000 –   the servers and sommelier are really engaged to make sure you’re having not a drink but an experience.  The sommelier ‘s knowledge of the list is impeccable and she also paid attention to even the glass type relative to the bubbles selected.

This balance of bubble offerings along with outstanding service make it the number 1 on my TOP 5 list of places to test drive your  sparkling options in Vancouver.


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