If you have large family like me I’m sure you may have had trouble to get accommodation at hotels. After many times experiencing problems booking hotel rooms for my husband and 3 kids i.e. no rooms available because of the number of people allowed per room, requiring you to pay for two rooms hearing that for safety reasons they have limited guests per room –  I decided to try Airbnb.  I understand the hotels policy but unfortunately it’s not practical when you have small kids.

Set goals and priorities when you travelling with a large group or family. Avoid disappointment by researching the area you want to stay and what would be practical for everybody.


  • Less cost
  • Bigger space
  • Meet locals easily
  • Full home appliances.


  • No room service
  • No daily cleaning service
  • No spa service
  • No gym depending on type accommodation.

My First Experience

We booked a beautiful apartment in one of the most prestigious areas of Paris – The Vendome. The apartment was beautiful, clean, and our host very helpful with tips. Talking with our neighbours we got a private concierge service which provides hair service at home, restaurant booking and city tours.   To be honest I was not missing the hotel after all. The kids could have their room,  and I had a chance to do some  laundry at home ( kids get dirty) and in the end we were so busy exploring the city and have more privacy.

Final Thoughts

I love to be at hotels and be spoiled like a queen. However I knew getting an Airbnb accommodation there would be no room service, cleaner every day or spa service, but was an exciting opportunity to meet local people and have the family together experience living -like local.

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